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Svensk Bokkonst 2018

Svensk Bokkonst 2018

講座地點 : 不只是圖書館 Not Just Library

主辦單位 : 田田圈文創工作群 / 不只是圖書館
協辦單位 : 台灣創意設計中心 / 瑞典皇家圖書館 / 瑞典書籍藝術協會

策展人 : 龔維德
視覺設計 : Eyes on Type 張軒豪

瑞典圖書藝術協會Swedish Book Art 旨在激發圖書產業,提升圖書質與量——這是瑞士最美圖書藝術Svensk Bokkunst競賽最重要的目標。而為了實踐想望,競賽評審團每年都會挑選出25本瑞典最美麗的書,並作為引領書籍設計的指標。


現今的Swedish Book Art秉持創立時初衷:在印刷及設計編排的基礎上,探索形式與內容相稱的觀點及美學。每年約有250本的書籍提交至評審團手上,由來自圖書產業各項專業的評審陣容,依據設計編排、印刷裝幀、紙張選用等,挑選出25本書做為當年最美麗的書,作為好書籍設計的典範。


講 師 : Lars Fuhre 拉斯.福赫雷 (b 1965)  拉斯.福赫雷是來自瑞典的平面設計師、藝術總監、藝術家,在首都知名的貝克曼斯藝術學院擁有十五年的教學背景,也具備豐富的實務經驗。除了曾擔任瑞典百年水晶玻璃品牌Orrefors的藝術總監,負責全面性行銷企劃外,也曾和IKEA合作。曾在社群媒體被廣泛討論的《14個紅點》(14 RED PRINTS),則是他在2011年早期作品。過去幾年,他協助許多瑞典國家級藝文機構設計書籍,包括瑞典當代美術館(Moderna Museet)、舞蹈博物館(Dansmuseet)、國立博物館(Nationalmuseum)、Magasin 3藝術館、邁爾斯花園博物館(Millesgården)等皆有他的作品。2015, 2017年,他曾經獲邀擔任「世界最美麗的書」評審。

講座 - 世界最美麗的書

11/16 (Sat) 11:00-12:30 

Lars Fuhre 拉斯.福赫雷│平面設計師 / 2015, 2017年擔任「世界最美麗的書」評審

工作坊 - 閱讀的視角是如何呢

11/16 (Sat) 14:00-17:00 

Lars Fuhre 拉斯.福赫雷│平面設計師 / 2015, 2017年擔任「世界最美麗的書」評審


Svensk Bokkonst 2018

Date and Times:2019/11/12 – 12/01 Tue - Sun 10:00-18:00

Location:Exhibition, Lectures / Song Yan Court - Not Just Library
Organizers:Tien Tien Circle Creative / Not Just Library
Collaborators:Taiwan Design Center / Kungliga Biblioteket / Svensk Bokkonst
Curator : Sasson Kung
Visual Design : Eyes on Type Joe Chang
The Swedish Book Arts Association aims to stimulate and inspire the book industry to increase the quality of book production. This is Svensk Bokkunst's most important goal. In order to fulfill this ambition, a jury annually selects 25 exquisitely produced books and thus points to good role models.

Swedish Book Art was founded on Friday, November 24, 1933, during a meeting at the National Museum. The business was moved in 1954 to the Royal Library, which today contributes with a business manager to the association. All selected books are preserved in special collections both at the National Museum and the Royal Library. In the spring of 2011, the annual meeting decided to turn Swedish Book Art into a non-profit association, thus giving members more opportunity to participate in the work.

The intention is the same today as when Swedish Book Art was founded and the founders concluded that the selection "should be based on the principle of the form's appropriate and aesthetic adaptation to the content under the typographic and printmaking point of view". Each year some 250 books are submitted for consideration by a jury consisting of representatives from the book industry 25 books, taking into account specific characteristics such as typography, printing, paper quality and binding. Each book selected is promoted as a superior example of good book production.

The selection is documented in an annual printed catalogue made possible through funding provided by each of the participating organizations. In the catalogue, each selected work is presented with technical information and a summary of the jury’s criteria in awarding the distinction. The books are subsequently presented at exhibition and other events in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia, as well as in Germany (Frankfurt, Leipzig) and France (Paris).

Guest : Lars Fuhre (b 1965)
He is an art director, graphic designer and artist with some 15 years of experience as a senior lecturer at the Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. He was the Creative Director for the Swedish glassworks brand Orrefors. Since 2000 Lars Fuhre has run his own company Fuhre Design AB with clients such as Centre culturel suédois in Paris and the Swedish pastry brand Macarong. For the past years he has worked mainly in book design, notably for Swedish institutions/companies, for instance Moderna Museet, Dansmuseet, Nationalmuseum, Magasin 3, Albert Bonnier Publishers, Ikea and Millesgården. In 2014 Lars Fuhre was awarded a one-year working grant allocated by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee for the project “Heyday”. He was been a judge of the best book design from all over the world competition in 2015 and 2017.

Lecture - The best book design from all over the world
11/16 (Sat) 11:00-12:30 
Lars Fuhre | Graphic designer / Judge of the best book design from all over the world competition in 2015 and 2017

Workshop - What is the perspective of reading? 11/16 (Sat) 14:00-17:00
Lars Fuhre | Graphic designer / Judge of the best book design from all over the world competition in 2015 and 2017

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